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Conditions of Hire for FULLGATE's

All Fullgates are hired on a daily basis, 1 day = 24hrs, with a 40 day minimum hire period. (Plus an additional £0.15 per day safety inspection charge) details


Only trained personal may install or remove Fullgates. details


Delivery & Collection is not free of charge, cost will be advised on the quotation.


Fullgate hire quotations are valid for 90 days, after this time they will be subject to a new quotation.


Orders raised are done so on the Terms and Conditions agreed.


Invoices raised are payable, with no deduction for CIS-retention involved on the hire charge.


Invoices to be paid in full.


Please find our general conditions of hire set out in a easy to read PDF format, it is important that you first read our Safety Conditions of Hire (view)


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