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Hire Costs of FULLGATE's

Due to the High Safety Reliance of the Fullgate, coupled with its ability to be adjusted and installed to fit any shaft or dangerous opening it is paramount and a condition of hire that only trained personnel may install or remove Fullgates.

Fullgates are hired on a daily basis, 1 day = 24hrs, 40 day minimum hire period.

(Plus an additional £0.15 per day safety inspection charge) details
Conditions of hire are here






0800mm - Adjustable To - 1400mm



1400mm - Adjustable To - 2040mm



2040mm - Adjustable To - 2800mm



2800mm - Adjustable To - 3000mm



3000mm - Adjustable To - 4000mm



4000mm - Adjustable To - 6000mm



6000mm - Adjustable To - Custom



If you have no trained personnel to install any of the above, a Fullgate engineer will have to

install them for you. Installation and removal by Fullgate = £85 per gate, if fitted to

Fullgate support posts, C-D Type price increases to £110 per gate, E-F Type TBA.

Should no crane or lift be available on site a £10 per gate surcharge is added

to cover carrying the Fullgates up and down the stairs.

The vast majority 90% of Fullgate installations do not incur any of the following costs:-


Retaining straps, per gate

£10.00 for total hire period.

Fitting Ply/Corex above a Fullgate

£17.50 for total hire period.

Anchor point if not available on site

£25.00 - if lost £120.

Extra Post if Fitted to Type A & B

£0.50 - Per Day.

Extra Keys

£4.85 each.

Fullgate assessment (record) book (see training)

£12.50 each.


Fullgate offer a Damage Waiver Insurance against the cost of repairs or replacement to damaged Fullgates whilst on Hire to you = 10% of overall hire charge, please note this
is not insurance against Theft or Loss.


Below is the cost of Lost or Damaged Fullgate Parts.


Fullgate (complete)

£444.50 per gate.

Main gate

£110.00 per part.


£65.000 per part.

C' Frame

£80.000 per part.

Inner Gate

£70.000 per part.

Infill Panel (large)

£42.000 per part.

Infill Panel (medium)

£39.500 per part.

Infill Panel (small)

£37.500 per part.

Infill Panel ( X large)

£51.500 per part.

Post Fitted to a type A or B Fullgate

£90.00 . per part.

Top Panel

£7.8500 per part.

Slam Lock

£5.8000 per part.

Latch Lock

£4.2500 per part.

Butterfly Lock

£7.9500 per gate.

Channel for C,D,E,F, Type Fullgate

£76.50 0per part.

Angle for C,D,E,F, Type Fullgate

£62.00 0per part.

XXL Infill

£73.00 0per part.


£34.500 per part.


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