Safety Inspection of FULLGATE's

The Fullgate Assessment Book overview:-


The Fullgate assessment book is to enable a record of where when and by who, all Fullgates on your site were installed, after every installation of a Fullgate the relevant details must be entered in to the assessment book by one of your personnel, who has completed the Fullgate training course successfully.



It is also to record the individual safety status of each and every Fullgate that is on hire to you.

It is a condition of hire that each and every Fullgate on your site must be checked at least once a week to ensure that it is in a secure and safe state, and free from any damage that would impair its functionality, this role must be carried out by an appointed person of your choice who has completed the Fullgate training course successfully.

Once these details are entered into the assessment book, the appointed person must sign and date the relevant page from the assessment book and present the book to be counter signed by your health and safety representative on site, this information must then be faxed back ASAP to Fullgate Ltd on 01268 694970. 


Fullgate's Own Routine Safety Inspection:-

Periodically Fullgate will send one of our own personnel to your site, and ask to see the assessment book, whilst on site they will inspect every Fullgate to verify their safe condition, and provide a written report if any improvements need to be carried out.


Sample page from the assessment book.


We are in the process of buying a bar code system, this will be attached to every Fullgate,
our inspector whilst on your site will scan the bar code, this will verify an inspection has taken place by providing the time date and gate Nº, this information will be uploaded to this web site for you to see and record.