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FULLGATE'S Specifications.

Infill Panel fulfills criteria on
Safety Height Restrictions
for Lift Shaft Openings.

  Fixing holes at 25mm
increments to suit the
shaft opening range,
M8 adjustable bolts.
bgate+arrows   Outer Gate A3 size safety
warning notice.

Outer Gate IP65 slam lock
(lift door release key) with
internal release.
Door Lock with double
guard prevents opening
from outside the lift shaft.

One metre high Inner Gate
on Rising Butt Hinges for
self closing,assisted by a
heavy duty return spring.
Inner Gate slam lock.
Clamp rail with 25 mm
Inner Gate A3 size safety
warning notice.
25mmx12G Steel mesh.
16 SWG Kicking Plate.

3 Infill panels used singly
or in combination to suit opening width:
1 @ 275 mm, 1 @ 175 mm, 1 @ 75 mm,
Unused panels are stored behind door panel.



BS EN 13374:2013