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FULLGATE Training.

Due to the High Safety Reliance of the Fullgate, coupled with its ability to be adjusted and installed to fit any shaft or dangerous opening it is paramount and a condition of hire that only trained personnel may install or remove Fullgates.


Fullgate offers two options to this:-

  1. Installation and removal of the Fullgate's can be carried out by Fullgates own trained personnel,
    see cost below.

  2. Fullgate will train and test your own personnel either on site, or at our purpose built training centre at Canvey Island, see costs below.

  • Installation & Removal by a Fullgate Engineer at your site = £85. per gate.


  • Training your personnel at the Fullgate Training Centre, fully comprehensive on all gate sizes,
    max of 6 persons per session = £330 per session.

  • Training your personnel by a Fullgate instructor at
    a site of your choice, max 4 persons per session = £330 per session, plus travel expenses.

  • For each person trained there is an additional cost of £8.50 for the Installation Code of Practice booklet. If a spare gate key is required, they are £4.85 each.

  • New companies on their first training, must obtain a copy of the Fullgate assessment book = £12.50.


Code of Practice Book

View all 32 pages as a PDF here


Training session overview:-

Each session takes approximately 4-5hrs, at the start of the training session each candidate is given a copy of the Fullgate Installation Code of Practice.

They are then given an in-depth safety talk on all the safety requirements and safety equipment required to install the Fullgate.

Next they are talked through the Fullgate Installation Code of Practice booklet, this 32 page colour booklet is fully illustrated and shows step by step instructions on the safe and correct method of making to size and installing the Fullgate safely.

The candidates are now instructed whilst they participate in a hands-on making to size and installation of a Fullgate to a dangerous opening.

The instructors then asks each candidate to answers the questions in a Fullgate Training Questionnaire booklet, this is to establish and verify they have understood the training and are now competent to install Fullgates safely. (subject to answering correctly)

Their photographs are taken, and in a few days they will each receive a copy of the Fullgate Authorization Pass, allowing its holder to install Fullgates.