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Why use FULLGATE ?

Kind of Paradox
It may come as a surprise if we where to say that the Fullgate is somewhat of a paradox, whilst many believe when they hire for the first time it was for the safety aspect alone, it is not until they are installed and used for the first time, do they fully understand the design, practicality and purpose behind the Fullgate, its true to say that before Fullgate there was no gate!


There was no gate ... !
That you may feel is a bold statement, so please let me explain, Lift shafts have many entrances and many different widths of openings, these have to be protected to stop people and objects from falling down them.

There are many choices to guard these openings, you could cover the opening with plywood and battens, you could half scaffold and net the opening, etc etc, whilst these would offer some degree of protection, it is not until you require access from the shaft or require cars to run in them do you appreciate the true benefit of the Fullgate patented design.

The Fullgate with its BS EN13374:2013 certification, will adjust and with its built-in clamping system, clamp into any width of shaft openings easily quickly and securely without the need of drilling and bolting.

Shows verations of guarding lift shaft openings

The Truth of The Pudding
Once installed to a lift shaft the Fullgate facilitates the safe and smooth travel of lift cars in that shaft, free from the hazard of entanglement and damage from protruding scaffold poles, netting etc, unlike boarded entrances the fullgate allows light into the shaft. and with its two secure locked gates that open out from the shaft, meaning cars can stop at any level and gain access to that level.

The Fullgate is just not any safety gate, it truly is a safety product that has been designed and patented for the very task of providing the secure and safe guarding of dangerous openings, and provides a cost effect solution that is by far superior to any other system that has attempted to impersonate the Fullgate, with its BS EN13374: 2013 certification, patent design, range of gate sizes, installation, training, comprehensive documentation along with regular on site safety inspections of all your installed Fullgates and competitive pricing all go to make the Fullgate your Nº 1 choice in Lift Shaft Safety.



BS EN13374:2013